Our Story


Fuzzy Puppy is dedicated to building a digital hub for pet owners to conveniently find all of the supplies you need to keep your pets happy, healthy, engaged and comfortable. We believe in having integrity in what we offer. By focusing on quality and functionality we hope to build trust and loyalty with you, and your pets!


Our team is absolutely nuts about animals.


In fact, all of us at Fuzzy Puppy have at least one pet to call our own, if not ... a few. There is nothing on our site that we wouldn't want our own pets to have, so you can be sure that we hold quality in the highest standard. We focus on providing healthy, all-natural toys made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. All of our current toys are made with organic, plant-derived rubber and absolutely

no plastics!

Your Pet Is Important to Us

At Fuzzy Puppy, we believe there is nothing more important than keeping our family safe. For that reason, we work hard to source only the best products and supplies to offer to you and yours. We talk about 5 very important factors to the well-being of our pets often. We find these benefits of our products lead to happy and healthy life for our loved ones.

  1. UNIQUE. Let's face it, pets can get bored. And when they get bored... they get into trouble around the house! Our toys are uniquely shaped and have incredibly diverse textures that help both teething puppies and adult chewers alike!

  2. ALL NATURAL. We hand select only the best products to share with you and your pets. Our toys are made with eco-friendly, plant-derived, natural rubber, that is formulated without plastic, artificial additives or ingredients.

  3. HYGIENIC. Our toys help to promote and maintain good oral hygiene. The textures provided can soothe gums & help to effectively clean their teeth while they're having fun!

  4. INSTINCTUAL. We work hard to find products that provide mental stimulation by encouraging chewing and/or playing. Supporting their instincts reduces their anxiety levels, destructive behavior and boredom and creates a healthy, happy pet! It is important for us to meet both your pet's physical and mental needs.

  5. ENRICHING. Make your pet happy by encouraging play-time, promoting a healthy build, relieving boredom and much more. Whether your pet prefers tug-of-war, batting a ball around or is looking for something new, Fuzzy Puppy has plenty to choose from.