"Capacity Measurement Non-Tip Dish"

Sizes: 16oz, 32oz, 64oz


The Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products Capacity Measurement Non-Tip Dish has a wide base and a non-slip rubber rim to prevent the bowl to prevent slipping, tipping and spillage. Inside the bowl there are measuring lines which ensures accurate portions. The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, breakage and is also dishwasher safe. The stylish stainless-steel design makes this dish a must have that your pet will love to use!

Capacity Measurement Non Tip Dish

  • QUALITY. Bowls are made from high quality stainless-steel.


    DESIGN. This non-tip, non-skid dish was made with a wide, rubber rimmed base to prevent sliding and spillage when eating or drinking.


    MEASUREMENTS. Laser-etched volume measurement markings on the inside each bowl are displayed in ounces, cups and millimeters to help provide accurate portions for your pet’s balanced diet.


    STAINLESS STEEL. The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, and breakage.


    DISHWASHER SAFE. The durability of our bowls allows for quick & easy clean-up when your pet has finished eating.