"Puppy & Kitten Saucer"

Sizes: 11" & 15"


The Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products Puppy & Kitten Saucer with raised center is ideal for feeding multiple puppies or kitties at once. The low walls and a raised center help keep food to the edges of the bowl, where the little ones can reach. The wide base makes feeding easy and tipping difficult. The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, breakage and is also dishwasher safe. The stylish stainless-steel design makes this dish a must have and that your pet will love to use!

Puppy & Kitten Saucer

  • QUALITY. Bowls are made from high quality stainless steel.


    RAISED CENTER. Bowls raised center helps push food out to the edges where puppies can reach.


    TIP RESISTANT. Wide base prevents the bowl from tipping.


    STAINLESS STEEL. The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, and breakage.


    DISHWASHER SAFE. The durability of our pails allows for quick & easy clean-up when your pet has finished eating.