"Non-Tip Slow Feed Dish"

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


The Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products Slow Feeding Dish is an innovative way to slow down your pets eating. The raised center forces your pet to eat around the outside of the bowl making them slow down and helps mentally stimulate your pet. Slower eating is better for your pet's digestion and reduces the risk of choking. The wide base and non-slip rubber rim helps to keep the bowl secure while your pet eats. The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, breakage and is also dishwasher safe.

Non-Tip Slow Feed Dish

  • QUALITY.  Bowls are made from high quality stainless steel.


    NON-SLIP.  Rubber rim along the bottom of the bowl will prevent sliding and tipping your pet is eating or drinking.


    RAISED CENTER.  The bowl’s raised center keeps food to the sides of the dish and encourages slower eating.


    STAINLESS STEEL.  The stainless-steel design resists rust, scratches, and breakage.


    DISHWASHER SAFE.  The durability of our bowls allows for quick & easy clean-up when your pet has finished eating.