" Travel Bottle with Drinking Cap "

Size: 25oz


The Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products Travel Bottle with Drinking Cap. This versatile bottle holds up to 25 oz. / 750ml. Due to its high-quality stainless-steel design, it can be used to hold a variety of consumables including water, dry food or treats. By simply unscrewing the lid, it becomes an on-the-go drinking or feeding bowl. This makes it easy to allow your fuzzy friend to stay hydrated and satisfied while you enjoy outdoor activities.

Travel Bottle with Drinking Cap

  • DESIGN. Ribbed texture allows for a non-slip grip. A modern look with the perfect mix of function and style.


    LARGE. The water bottle will hold enough water for your fuzzy friend whether on a hike or a walk at a local park. Capacity is 25 oz. / 750ml.


    FUNCTIONAL. Makes carrying food or water for trips hassle-free with the attached clip. Securely attaches to your belt, leash, backpack, or anything else with a loop. Keeps water cool for longer while outside.


    EASY TO USE. Simply unscrew the top and pour into the cap to help your fuzzy friend drink whenever they are thirsty.


    DURABLE. Made out of high-quality stainless-steel.